[GPX TRACKS] Varazze stage 5th of e-Enduro
powered by Specialized

[GPX TRACKS] Varazze stage 5th of e-Enduro
powered by Specialized

The 2018’s edition of the Varazze e-Enduro is full of news.

Differently from the last edition when all the special stages where located mostly in the low lands of the territory, this year the Varazze Outdoor staff decided to move uphill to the slopes of Monte Beigua where are most of the trails historically characterized by different technical level.

Every passionate rider heard over the years about the beauty of this territory and the flow of its trails so here at e-Enduro we couldn’t ignore it.

Depending on this, the 2018 Varazze e-Enduro will have a slightly and unheard of different format at the start. In fact, the riders will commence the race day on the Varazze seafront and almost immediately after will be shuttled to the small village of Alpicella where the race will actually start.

Consequently, the ban on shuttling will be lifted for the Saturday recon and all the riders will be allowed to use the charged shuttle service to the village of Alpicella provided by the organizer. From Alpicella, recon will follow the usual rules.

But the novelties aren’t over. This year the Varazze e-Enduro is one of the venues of the Varazze Outdoor Festival and all the riders can participate to all the numerous activities scheduled by the venue. Kayaking, Fishing, Waterskiing, Paragliding, Trekking and more, all to be practiced outdoor between the sea and the Beigua Park, a Global Unesco recognized Geopark.

The Varazze Outdoor Festival celebrates this year its fifth edition and is not only a sport event but a combination of planning and new targets searching for the Varazze territory based on the successful sport and tourism combo.

For more info: http://www.varazzeoutdoor.it/

The race course total length will be 46 kilometers with an elevation gain of 1650 meters and a total of six special stages. At the end of special stage #4, there will be a 45 minutes long time check during which everyone could recharge the e-bike batteries at the Octopus recharging station provided by Brose.

To book Saturday’s recon shuttling:

  • ASD Beigua Insane Tribù (35 seats) mobile +39. 3476681000
  • Zeta Shuttle (3 seats) mobile +39. 3477778505
  • Varazze MTB (9 seats) mobile +39 3465160787

PS1 Zeta/Jungle 

Probably the flowest stage of the entire race series, it is easy and very funny to ride on with banked curves and easy jumps.

PS 2 Cascina

It doesn’t have a big positive elevation gain but the last part is a very technical continuous sequel of ups and downs testing the rider’s capability to interpret lines.

PS 3 e 5  Frasquito/Boavista Express

We already use it in the 2017 edition where was the most liked. It starts with a steep climb in the first part and ends with a beautiful toboga.


As PS 3 was part of the 2017 race course but for the 2018 edition we polished and reviewed it a lot. A very long special stage, it starts with a very technical climb followed by gigantic compressions during the final part.

PS 6 JoDa Trail

A brand new special stage. Very panoramic and technical, this stage is on the verge of the seafront.

Charging station, technical assistance: after PS 4 



ID Gara:  143828
Expo Area and Race Secretary: Piazzale De Gasperi (Molo del Surf)
Team Area: Spiaggia Molo Surf
Bike cleaning station: Area Team
Parking: P.zza Palazze dele Sport
Recreational vehicles parking: Campo sportivo
Shower Area: Zona iscrizioni e segretaria di gara
Hotel: http://www.bikehotelsvarazze.com


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[GPX TRACKS] Varazze stage 5th of e-Enduro
powered by Specialized