e-Enduro powered by Specialized Second Stage – Pietra Ligure

e-Enduro powered by Specialized Second Stage – Pietra Ligure

2018 E-Enduro round 2 will be raced in the town of Pietra Ligure. The starting line will be in the beautiful Pietra Ligure’s S.Nicolò square where also the Expo Area will be placed.
Pietra Ligure is a seaside town and extends its territory for over six kilometers of coastline between the small towns of Borgo Verezzi and Loano. The stage of the race course will be the characteristic Riviera di Ponente low coastline with its gravel sands and the background view of the Monte Carmo of LoanoMountain (1.389m), the first notable peak of the Alpi Liguri after the Bocchetta of Altare. The race course will be on the trails connecting Finale Ligure and Loano with four special stages and an elevation gain of 1500 meters.

PS1 and PS2 will have similar traits developing their courses on panoramic views, deep forest segments and finishing on the Mediterranean vegetation on the verge of the sea. The terrain is the typical Pietra Ligure’s mountain soil where the unique Ligure stone has been extracted for centuries.
PS3 and PS4 are located between the territories of Pietra Ligure and Loano with PS4 presenting a challenging climb at the start.

PS1: Terre di Mezzo
Length: 3, 55 km – Elevation gain: 176 meters – Starting altitude: 300 meters
PS1 develops in the Verezzi territory with some initial rocky passages leading to the famous X-Man trail, a highly technical trail but not too difficult to ride on. This is a very scenic special stage with deep forest segments, panoramic views on the seaside, rocky segments with a gravity like finale to the finish line.

PS2: Wild Bondi
Length: 1, 48 km – Elevation gain: 175 meters – Starting altitude: 230 meters
On the PS2, the electrical assistance is fundamental on the initial rocky segment, then the trail develops into a never ending succession of banked curves interrupted by several compressions where maintaining the flow is all about. It’s a fun to ride special stage on a dry grippy terrain that could become tricky on wet conditions due to the tendency of becoming slippery of the all present characteristic red rocks of the territory.

PS3: Sugheri Trail
Length: 1, 22 km – Elevation gain: 253 meters – Starting altitude: 360 meters 
It’s an all gravity like special stage with no significant ascending segments. It starts with a fast and rocky segment with a spectacular view on the town of Pietra Ligure followed by others rocky technical segments that precede the entering the Bosco dei Sugheri woods. Here there are steep segments alternated by banked and natural curves leading to the finish line placed inside the pinewood at the gate of the city. The terrain is uneven but dry yearlong. 

PS4: Old Hay Trail
Length: 3, 30 km – Elevation gain: 304 meters – Starting altitude: 300 meters
The trail starts with a steep climb on a compact and grippy terrain leading after 300 meters to the old Hay trail, a former Napoleonic route. The first 1300 meters are very panoramic on stone paved soil. It’s a very fast trail with lots of hairpins that after a long descend interrupted by a climb with natural obstacles, continues with the short and steep final climb to the 5 Alberi zone. The 5 Alberi zone climb is followed by the descent to the Santuario della Cosima, a flowing segment among olive trees leading to the finish line where all the riders will be prized with a panoramic view on the beautiful Loano.

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e-Enduro powered by Specialized Second Stage – Pietra Ligure