[recap] e-Enduro PIETRA LIGURE – Day 1

[recap] e-Enduro PIETRA LIGURE – Day 1

View from above could be misleading, it could be any place in Liguria, but if you look well you will understand that instead we know exactly where we are: Pietra Ligure and we are here to turn on the engines!

We have arrived, e-Enduro has arrived in Pietra Ligure and it does so with passion, with the overwhelming desire to amaze again and again, to make a day of spring a fantastic day of e-Enduro

My job as a photojournalist is facilitated by the equipment that our sponsors make available to us and starting the usual and necessary reconnaissance for the 4 special stages becomes a huge adrenaline rush

Already many athletes in total autonomy are trying and a stroke of luck allows me to capture a sweet rider … but do not call it sweet, bite the trail

The soil of Pietra Ligure is wonderful, despite the rains of the last days dries quickly and, believe me the desire for a run was really so much

However, be careful many of these sharp stones stick to the ground keep you company, increasing concentration and lightness of driving

The staff of the staff make the last improvements to make the trails legible

Rest easy, tomorrow will be a memorable day, good night guys!

Mario Pierguidi

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[recap] e-Enduro PIETRA LIGURE – Day 1