6th Stage – Rocchetta Belbo Results

6th Stage – Rocchetta Belbo Results

Andrea Garibbo (Team Haibike) e Chiara Pastore (Team Locca)

Are the winners of the 6th stage of e-Enduro powered by Specialized and and also of the 2018 Championship

RUDELLI GIANLUIGI, DANTE FRANCESCO, LUCCHINI FRANCESCA are the lucky riders to have won the shock absorber FOX FLOAT X2, F-S, K, 2pos-Adj put up for grabs from FOX SUSPENSION! and Congratulation to Andrea Garibbo that winning the first Special Stage “San Bovo” won a FOX FORK – 36, K, FLOAT, 27.5in, F-S, 180, HSC, LSC, FIT, Shiny Orange

General Ranking (download)

Overall Men Ranking:
1° Garibbo Andrea
2° Martinelli Simone
3° Bonanomi Gianluca

Overall Women Ranking:
1° Pastore Chiara
2° Wragg Moncorge Mary
3° Fasolis Costanza

EEMY Ranking:1° Garavelli Pietro Olmo
2° Dallalibera Alessandro

EEM1 Ranking:1° Garibbo Andrea
2° Martinelli Simone
3° Folchi Mattia

EEM2 Ranking:1° Rodolico Marco
2° Riverditi Alessandro
3° Righi Giorgio

EEM3 Ranking:1° Bonanomi Gianluca
2° Gennesi Alessandro
3° Pantaleone Angelo

EEM4 Ranking:1° Baroni Francesco
2° Angaroni Paolo Stefano
3° Segala Alberto


Overall Team Ranking: (download)

2° Team Focus
3° Team Locca

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6th Stage – Rocchetta Belbo Results