e-Enduro 2020 powered by Specialized

e-Enduro 2020 powered by Specialized

The e-Enduro e-MTB race series powered by Specialized is entering its fourth year of existence in 2020 and following a well established Christmas tradition, we are presenting our 2020 calendar.
Next season, the e-Enduro will have five national races and two Skills Events dates.


March 15, 2020 Skills Events in Rocchetta Belbo (Non Competitive event)
March 29, 2020 Brescia e-Enduro race Round 1
April 26 April 25, 2020 Lacona-Elba Island e-Enduro race Round 2
May 24, 2020 Laigueglia e-Enduro race Round 3
July 12, 2020 Rocca Canavese e-Enduro race Round 4
September 12, 2020 Skills Event at the Italian Bike Festival Rimini
September 20, 2020 Varazze e-Enduro race Round 5

The 2020 season is going to be a very complete one and all the athletes will have to face different surfaces and terrains but also have enough time to adequately prepare each different round.
After the 2019 great success, the Skills Events venue doubles its dates confirming the Rimini round at the Italian Bike Festival. Skills Events is a non competive E-MTB Enduro event open to everyone, where all the participants, amateurs and professional riders together, can practice on one or two timed special stages, having the chance to be monitored on different segments like uphill, downhill in addition to the total elapsed time. This is a great opportunity for weekend warriors to compare their performances to the pros level ones while testing themselves on a e-Enduro race course special stage as well as it is for the professional riders to fine tune their bikes in preparation for the upcoming season.
Regarding the competitive events, we welcome new rounds in Brescia, Laigueglia and Rocca Canavese to be added to the consolidated dates of Varazze and Lacona, well known for the exceptional level of their venues. Brescia will have the honour to be the season opener of the first worldwide E-MTB Enduro race series, Laigueglia will offer incredible trails and Rocca Canavese is going to organize a great midsummer event to celebrate the e-mountain biking Enduro category.
As anticipated, the nocturnal Skill Events Exhibition in Rimini at the Italian Bike Festival in Rimini is confirmed. Last year the venue was a great success among participants and public as a part of the official events calendar included in the Italian Bike Festival, the most important Italian bike fair.
2020 e-Enduro is going to keep you busy all season long!

2020 Season News


The former MotoGP and Superbike legend Marco Melandri will be among the 2020 e-Enduro participants.
Marco will join the e-Enduro pack and he had already brought to us his contagious sympathy and humanity as a former motorbike FIM World Champion. He declared: “I am very happy to become a part of the e- Enduro family. I live in Trentino and I felt in love immediately for e-mountain biking Enduro, thinking is a marvellous sport. I don’t pretend to be a winner in this series, just want to have fun and keep my competitive spirit well alive! I already did some practice sessions with some e-Enduro top racers and I can assure you that the technical level is very high. Can’t wait to start”.


This is the rad novelty of 2020, conceived with the intent to give more fun to the athletes and to the public and make the series more challenging and exciting. On every race weekend Saturday afternoon, a new special stage will be discovered to the participants at the last minute and the timed classification of it will determine the Sunday’s race reverse starting list. The e-Enduro Superpole results will not affect the final classification of the race in order to avoid time penalties to the riders who cannot participate in it but we will award a 2020 E-Enduro Superpole season prize to the season long fastest rider. The updated rulebook will be published soon.


Whenever possible, for every round of the series we will set up a test area or as an alternative, the possibility to ride on a special stage course to everyone not enrolled in the race. This is a great opportunity for bike manufacturer to arrange riding tests of their bikes and let to e-mountain biking Enduro newcomers the chance to live the e-Enduro experience as a professional rider, walking in the expo area and dining with the insiders.


Due to the problems occurred last season, we will launch a new quicker and more users friendly platform. For the FCI athletes, the factor K system to be used remains unchanged.


The 2019 e-Enduro season was closed with a great satisfaction of all of us, promoters, organizers, riders, public, locations hosts and sponsors. 2019 was a pivotal year in e-mountain biking Enduro history that saw the birth of International series and was the first step in the future appearance of more domestic and international series all over the world.
Race Events would like to thank all the participants who followed us since we started this adventure and all the locations who hosted our venues: Rocchetta Belbo for the first ever Skills Event, all the local administrations of Alassio, Lacona, Pogno, Pejo, Spotorno and Varazze who get also our solidarity for the recent bad weather floods. In addition, the local associations who did a great job in preparing the trails and offered tasteful local Italian delicacies deserve a big thank from us.
Last but not least in importance, we want to thank all the series sponsors and exhibitors, the true electric motor of this series: the title sponsor Specialized, Vittoria Tires, Fox, Brose, Resolvbike, Deaneasy, Galfer Bike, Bicilive.it, Double3, DSB, Speedy Decal and Andreani Group.

After a careful evaluation of the state of the art of the E-MTB Enduro International category racing scenario for the 2020, Race Events decided to put on hold the e-Enduro International Series for the 2020 season.

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e-Enduro 2020 powered by Specialized

e-Enduro 2020 powered by Specialized