[RACE INFO] e-Enduro Lacona

[RACE INFO] e-Enduro Lacona

The race that awaits you in Lacona, on the Island of Elba, will leave you breathless!

PS 1 Capo Fonza

The stage one Capo Fonza takes place in the same name territory, an uncontaminated peninsula immersed in the Tuscan Archipelago Natural Park, widely known for its strong landscaping appealing.
The starting line is nearby an old stone goats stable and the stage begins with an unstable rocky and steep segment embedded in the typical local low Mediterranean vegetation. After a sandy fast straight, the second part of the stage begins in a Holm oak Underwood with a lot of narrow hairpins followed by steep and technical relaunches on quite compact soil with some rocks and stones traits to deal with. The segment continues on the Strada Della Segagnana, a former road made of rocks with some sandy canals and ends in the Laconella’s Borgo.

PS 2 Laghetto

Remaining on the Capo Fonza cape and moving right to reach almost the summit of Monte Tambone, we could find the start of stage #2. The first segment of the stage is a fast and long succession of wide rocky traits and sandy canals with a good and long visual on what is coming in front of you. The second part is a more technical and rocky single track with steep gradients ending again in Laconella, on dirt and sand and with a spectacular view.

PS 3 Serra del Pero

This is an historical trail of the MTB Enduro of the Elba Island, developing on the central dorsal of the Mount Barbatoia.
The stage starts in a wooded section on compact soil expanding on technical rocky passages interspersed with fast straights. From the woods, the course moves to the Mediterranean maquis, permitting to have an excellent view on Lacona and the beaches.

PS 4 Via della calce

From the arrival of stage three, we move to the Cape Stella peninsula, located at the centre of the two gulfs characterizing Lacona. There, we start on Monte Grosso, with the sea on both left and right, riding fast on the dorsal before taking a steep and short descent with a series of tight curves directing to a long coastline transverse. It’s a striking passage on compact soil among rosemary and gorse plants, ending in the nearby Cala Chiara Bay.

PS 5 Oceano

The stage starts with an enjoyable driving segment among the blossomed Mediterranean maquis and the sea in the background, reaching the cape in a bit like diving. Then, riding on the left side of the cape, we take a challenging trail with fast descending counterslopes segments accompanied by short and intense relaunches on compact soil with some ever present rocks.



PADDOCK AREA: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
TEAM AREA: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
START & FINISH: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
FIRST AID AREA: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
MEDIA ROOM: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
BIKE WASH: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
REFRESHMENT AREA: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
JURY: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
DIRECTION AND ORGANIZATION: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
TOILETTE: Via del Moletto snc, Loc.Lacona
ANTIDOPING: Via Colle Reciso 3
SHOWERS ROOM: All the accommodations supporting the event will leave the rooms rented to the participants to the venue available after the regular check-out time, permitting their use as changing and shower rooms.

Friday, April 26
. During the number plate pick-up, all the participants will receive a bracelet that gives the right to get a 20% discount on the venues’ supporting business. The same bracelet grants the right to access the refreshment zone and the pasta party at the end of the race.
. All the participants companions can get a participants’ bracelet paying a small fee, obtaining the same benefits.
. Between 3pm and 10pm, some roads will be closed to traffic making the special stages 1-2-3 impossible to reach.
. During Briefing Time, the paddock area will be reachable by feet only because of the closing of some of the roads around it.
. All the info regarding the roads’ closing times will be published on the website www.elbabikecup.com as soon as we know it.
. PRE-RACE PARTY and DJ set: a the end of the briefing until 8.00 PM

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[RACE INFO] e-Enduro Lacona