[GPX TRACKS] Bergamo the fourth round of the E-Enduro
powered by Specialized.

[GPX TRACKS] Bergamo the fourth round of the E-Enduro
powered by Specialized.

Everything is ready in Bergamo (IT) for the fourth round of the 2018 E-Enduro powered by Specialized.

The Orio Gravity Park staff did an incredible job on the Maresana Mountains to prepare trails ready for any skill and technical level. For this event, some trails have been specially adapted for e-bike use in order to make the race more fun and accessible to any rider’s level. The Orio Gravity Park aims at becoming an international destination for riders coming from all over the world due to its vicinity to the city of Bergamo where a lot of Italian companies operating in the cycling biz have located their headquarters.

The venue will start from the square in front of the municipal swimming pool Acquadream in Alzano Lombardo where also the Expo and Team Area will be located. From there, the riders will transfer to downtown Bergamo where the official start will be given in sync with the traditional Bergamo city outdoor event, the StraBergamo. This is a big running event with over 15.000 runners and the two events combined will give an unmatched visibility to athletes and sponsors. After the start the riders will cross downtown Bergamo and transfer to the Maresana Hill at 800 meters above sea level. The entire race will have shorts transfers between special stages.

Important warning: before Saturday the 22th of September, we advise the riders to adopt the maximum caution on PS 2 and 4 during practice when the special stages are open to the general public. Those are fast descents with blind corners and bumping into people walking on the trails is a very likely event. In order to avoid dangerous crashes and the consequent problems with the local community, we suggest riding very carefully. In any case, an appropriate signaling will be posted. Thanks for your cooperation.

PS1 “BRUNA short”

The first special stage is a part of the famous trail Bruna opened in 2017. It is 1600 meters long with a little elevation gain of 70 meters. Very funny flow with technical passages like the one over a wooden bridge and important raises.

PS 2 and 4 “PIGHET”

This special stage will be race upon two times. It starts from the Pighet restaurant parking lot and after a challenging climb with a couple of steep hairpins will reach the summit of the hill. From there, a fast and flow descent will bring to a technical single track ending with a technical climb to the arrival. This stage will be repeated after the Alzano’s time check (C.O.).


This stage is one of the classical training grounds of the local riders. The stage starts with a narrow climb to the top of the Zuccone Mountain followed by a descent on the south side of it. It is a very peculiar special stage with a narrow and fast single track, technical at the beginning with a lot of rocks and changing to a wider and very fast trail toward the end.


Differently from PS1 Bruna Short, PS5 Bruna will cover the 3 kilometers long Bruna trail entirely. This is a very fast flow with natural banks alternated with rocky technical passages and some very funny step downs. It’s a blast for the technical riders and for the lovers of pure riding, ending with a river crossing and a short, narrow and rocky climb.

Charging station and technical assistance: After PS3.



RACE ID 146675
Area Expo and Race Secretary location: Parcheggio Piscine, Via Piave – Alzano Lombardo (BG). Team Area location: Parcheggio Palasport, Via Piave, Alzano Lombardo (BG).
Bike Washing station: Via Martinella T.Boldone (2km su Via Provinciale Vs BG)
Parking: Parcheggio Palasport, Via Piave, Alzano Lombardo (BG).
Recreational Vehicles parking: Parcheggio Palasport, Via Piave, Alzano Lombardo (BG).
Showers point and Public restrooms: Municipal Swimming Pool Acquadream, Via Daniele Pesenti, 30 Alzano Lombardo (BG).
Hotel Accommodations: www.visitbergamo.net/it/

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[GPX TRACKS] Bergamo the fourth round of the E-Enduro
powered by Specialized.