[DAY 1] eEnduro powered by Specialized Stage 4 Bergamo

[DAY 1] eEnduro powered by Specialized Stage 4 Bergamo

Good morning from Alzano Lombardo Bergamo !!! 4th stage E-Enduro powered by Specialized! … and if the good morning is like this ….

Summer is still present, temperatures still warm, but 2018 is becoming “old”, the 2019 news are really many … and Alzano Lombardo E-Enduro is the ideal theater for many exclusive news … the first is this masterpiece..

… Buttons, power, reliability, new 2019 preview

We tried it exclusively … Billet thought about safety and performance … we were amazed … what is it?!? stay tuned !!!

Alzano Lombardo theater of the 4th stage of the E-Enduro … time to get on the pick-up and to jump on the ps “combed” and “smoothed” by the guys of Orio Gravity Park …

Wonderful trails, damn adrenalitic and fast, immersed in the woods of Val Seriana

If you love the Flow ps1 / 5 they are the kingdom

Ps 2/4, the true e-Bike trail, even if with the pedal assistance the 180bpm guaranteed

Everything is ready, tomorrow will be a wonderful day, tomorrow will be a day of real E-Enduro !!! be happy, be quick, have fun

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[DAY 1] eEnduro powered by Specialized Stage 4 Bergamo