Alassio: Starting List & Briefing

Alassio: Starting List & Briefing

Are you ready for the first stage?

Here you are the Starting List!
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• Registration Check from 7.30 to 8.30 am
• Riders BRIEFING 8:30 am
• We will observe a moment of silence @MrWolf ore 8:45
• Start First Rider 9:00 am
• Arrival Last Rider: 2:55pm
• Award ceremony to follow

For those who want to use the recharge service during the C.O. the battery chargers delivery at the Bags stand must take place before 8:30 am

For the “Team” registration, please contact MySdam staff at the race secretary office within 8:30 am

Random eBike spot inspection during the race

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Alassio Starting List & Briefing
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Alassio: Starting List & Briefing