Rocchetta Belbo Final Round of e-Enduro series powered by Specialized

Rocchetta Belbo Final Round of e-Enduro series powered by Specialized

Langhe Highlands e-Enduro 

The sixth and final round of the 2018 e-Enduro race series will be held in Rocchetta Belbo, a small town in the province of Cuneo -Piedmont, Italy. The territory in and around the city is full of landmarks like the famous vineyards and the hazel plantations on the ridges between the Bormida and the Belbo valleys, the old castle built in 1300, the old lavatory, the Langa’s stones paved streets in the old town, the Benedict Abbey dated from the year 1500, the Saint Martino roman abbey from the year 1100, the literary famous Pavaglione farmhouse where the Italian writer Beppe Fenoglio set his novel La Malora, the small church of Sant’Elena, the San Bovo church and the San Nicolao church in downtown Rocchetta Belbo.

The Alta Langa is a territory of unmatched food and wine richness like the Langhe’s gentle round hazel, the red potato from Mombarcaro and the world famous Tartufo d’Alba truffle. Among the fine wines, we definitely must cite the sweet Moscato d’Asti white wine, the sparkling Furmentin white wine and the red wine Dolcetto d’Alba.

This e-Enduro round in Rocchetta Belbo is home turf for our Franco Monchiero, the Chief trails Advisor at Race Events. On this regard, Franco commented:

“For the Rocchetta Belbo event my goal was to organize a great round of the series also capable of transmitting the true philosophy of an e-Enduro race.
Rocchetta Belbo is my home, a counting no more than ten houses small village but a very inspirational location for myself, sort of a personal sacred place where I have been riding for more than thirty years. Nevertheless, is still inspiring me giving me fresh ideas on how to develop new formats as well as being the perfect location to test my vision of mountain biking. I would say that the E-Enduro format was conceived here getting its start from the ideas coming from riding on those trails.
In addition, I would like to thank my old friend Luca Ferrero for his precious help. Luca is developing the territory comprehended in the local administration of Rocchetta Belbo and Castino, realizing the Alta Langa Bike Park that will permit to all to discover marvelous trails with different levels of technical difficulties. I am pretty sure that this new round of the e-Enduro race series will permit to spread the word even more widely than before on our concept of the e-Enduro mountain biking and thanks to Luca’s work, the Rocchetta Belbo round will be more than perfect for everyone”

So let’s prepare ourselves for another epic venue of the e-Enduro series. It is going to be a comprehensive race capable of offering to everyone strong emotions in a context where the heritage of the motorbike Enduro will give a special flavor coming from the old times.
The Rocchetta Belbo round will decide the final classification of the series as well as hosting the winners of the series ceremony.
In the coming days, we will reveal the race course and the prizes offered by our sponsors for the final overall classification.

Alongside the main event, on Saturday night there will be a party with music and drinks, roasted chestnuts, Italian polenta and local friciule while the Sunday lunch with roasted chestnuts and friciole will be offered by the local Pro loco of Rocchetta Belbo and Castino.

From 2:00pm to 6:00pm: License control
6:30pm: Technical briefing for riders only
Saturday night party with music and drinks, roasted chestnuts, Italian polenta and local friciule offered by the local Pro Loco of Rocchetta Belbo and Castino at the Pro Loco tensile structure.  Open to everyone event.

9:00am: race start
3:00pm: last rider expected arrival.
from 2:00pm: Entertainment performance by 100% Brumotti
4:00pm: Prize and winning ceremony
Noon: Piedmond Gran Bollito lunch break offered by the local Pro Loco of Rocchetta Belbo and Castino at the Pro Loco tensile structure. Open to everyone event.

All day long: Visit to the tents of the series sponsors and bike testing on the riverbanks of the torrente Belbo.

ID: 146916
Expo Area and race Secretary: Piazza della Libertà
Team Area: Piazza dei Caduti (Sport Center)
Bike Washing station: Piazza dei Caduti (Sport Center)
Parking: directions on site
RV area : directions on site
Showers: Piazza dei Caduti (Sport Center)

Trattoria del peso Via XX Settembre, 9 12050 Castino (CN) Phone: (+39) 017384285
Trattoria del ponte Via Nazionale, 33 12050 Castino (CN) Phone: (+39) 0173854116
Trattoria della Rocchetta Piazza della Libertà, 3 12050 Rocchetta Belbo (CN) Phone: (+39) 0141 880121
Casa vacanze “La Casa dei ricordi” Piazza Mercato, 9 12050 Castino (CN) Phone: (+39) 333 9431923
Appartamento vacanze “Eremo Pace e Gioia”  Via G. Negro, 7 12050 Castino (CN) Phone: (+39) 340 2755487
Appartamento vacanze “Borgo S. Rocco” Via San Rocco, 1 12050 Castino (CN) Phone: (+39) 348 3666195
Agriturismo “Cascina Monsignore” Via Sant’Elena, 8 12050 Castino (CN) Phone: (+39) 0173 84159 / (+39) 335 8157887
Ostello “Locanda delle ginestre” Via Trezzo Tinella, 10 12050 Castino, Frazione San Bovo (CN) Phone: (+39) 0173 84004
Agriturismo “Tenuta San Giuseppe” Località San Giuseppe, 3 12050 Rocchetta Belbo (CN) Cellulare: (+39) 346 0869383
B&B “Ca’ Pavaglione” Via Trezzo Tinella borgata Pavaglione, 19 12050 Castino, Frazione San Bovo (CN)
Phone: (+39) 335 5929263 / (+39) 333 8141076
Corte di Langa Strada S. Libera, 5 12050 Rocchetta Belbo (CN), e-mail:

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Rocchetta Belbo Final Round of e-Enduro series powered by Specialized