[recap] e-Enduro ALASSIO – Day 1

[recap] e-Enduro ALASSIO – Day 1

It’s a slow starting spring here in Alassio but it’s coming with the smell of the sea and saltiness on your face.

March 17, 2018 Alassio (SV) Here at Partigiani’s Square in Alassio it’s the perfect setting for the first stage of the E-Enduro 218. When Cristian Trippa The Pres call me to join his team, I had the premonition that I was going to live an adventure in a very particular world but believe me, being here and walk around the tents and touching the advanced e-Enduro technology it’s so exciting.

Very important brands preparing for an amazing going to be race day.

Let’s get used to those LED Lights. Managing the e-bike power will be crucial during the race but here at the check point there is some time to recharge the precious battery energy.

I am seeing so many e-bikes, all of them beautiful, technologically advanced and with a captivating design but the most important thing you perceive here is the human energy that moves thing and the passion pushing men to reach their limits when the bar is raised.

Do you recognize her? If you don’t I made it for you. I was supporting her when mountain bikes were called “rampichino” in the Italian language and envied her when she rode the back then new full suspended bikes. She made the history of Gravity Mountain biking in Italy but I never meet her personally. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Giovanna Bonazzi. Bumping into her was like encountering an old time friend, especially when she smiled and said Hi. Tomorrow I am going to take pictures of her.

I was talking about human energy. Well, you can feel it even when you ask to a biker fiddling around his bike, do you need help?

Tomorrow it’s going to be great day, an epic one. I saw the starting list and I couldn’t believe it! Gentlemen, attach the number plate to your bike, set it to on and good luck to everybody

Mario Pierguidi

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